Today we thank God who bestowed upon us the success to produce many research projects so that by production, while stopping the aliens, succeed in taking a big step in flourishing the economy of Iran. The peak and starting point of forming the industry of cosmetics, cleansers and detergent products which were produced via the nano method in Iran and the world has a deep connection with the name of Kimia Shimi Sahand Company. Kimia Shimi Sahand Company which started its business 12 years ago as a research core and from the very beginning of starting the business and formation has succeeded in conducting many research projects which were generally required by the industries by possessing an able and committed team

Kimia Shimi Sahand is the first cleanser, detergent and cosmetic products’ production unit via the nano method in Iran and has had an influential presence in this industry.

Kimia Shimi Sahand is the producer of different type of products such as: cosmetics, detergents and cleansers and industrial products via the nano method which by exploiting the world updated technology and applying experiences specialists and engineers is now one of the most successful companies in this industry and it could be named as one of the biggest and most valid production companies in using the nano science technology.

It is worth mentioning that this company was selected in 2009 as the science- based company by the Technology Deputy of the Islamic Republic and the Ministry of Sciences.