Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid is especially for dark and black clothes and while protecting the fabric prevents display of mildews

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid prevents the clothes from becoming white and pale so that the clothes remain new and black

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid avoids the attraction of dusts to the fabric due to having anti- static properties and also this product contains natural conditioner and leads to the fabric remaining new for a long period of time

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid contains natural cleansing substances and will not under any circumstances damage the clothes and prevents their sordidness

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid gets rid of static electricity due to possessing natural conditioner and also achieves faster and easier ironing, less wrinkles and longer life and newness of the clothes.

Mehrtash clothes blackening s washing liquid, while not having the existing enzymes in the domestic and foreign similar products, holds their benefits because of the high quality of washing

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid increases water attraction quality in towel and clothes and prevents the clothes from sticking to the body and eases wearing them

Mehrtash blackening clothes washing liquid is an extraordinary cleanser with high controlled bubbles, radiance, influence and cleansing, protecting the fabric, usable in hand wash, avoids decrease in the style of clothes due to repeated washing and also prevents deposition of protective material of the internal surface of the washing machine

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid, although the common domestic and foreign conditioners that exist in the market emphasize on preventing direct pouring of the product in the clothes and that gloves should be worn at all times, due to the fact that this product is neutral regarding chemical matters, has no harm for hands and clothes and is 100 per cent in harmony with the environment

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid is used for all dark- colored and black, formal, expensive, woolen, silk cotton clothes and also different types of bed sheet, pillow cases, bedspreads, curtain and synthetics.

Mehrtash clothes blackening washing liquid is of anti- bacterial properties and will completely disinfect your clothes

It is worth mentioning that all the above mentioned extraordinary properties are because of exploiting and applying the nano technology and particles tend to display their extraordinary characteristics when nano- sized