1. Dishwashing Liquid Based on vegetable oils Product Features Environmentally friendly Special for all kinds of dishes.
    Ingredients: All of the materials used in this product are from diffrent herbs and natural elements .
    Usage: Dip the sponge in a few drops of liquid- Wash the dishes and then rinse.See the incredible power of the product
    Expiry date:2 years after production
  2. Mehrtash nano herbal dishwasher with four aromas of strawberry, apple, lemon and blueberry is produced using nano technology and herbal formula, and it has extremely high cleaning and even higher than other chemical detergent products.
    The distinguishing feature of this product is that it consumes very little water and does not require gloves.
    after washing the dishes with this liquid, not only will your skin not dry, but it will also soft your hands due to the formulation based on vegetable oils.
MEHRTASH Dishwashing Liquid (based on vegetable oils)