Mehrtash screen cleansing liquid comes from biologic substances and was provided by nano technology which is absolutely distinguished from other similar products due to its extraordinary quality and once you use it, you will not exchange it with any other good. The surfaces cleaned by Mehrtash screen cleanser liquid attracts dust later than other similar products because of its anti- static particulars and also due to the fact that it was made of biologic substances leads to the protection of the environment.
Mehrtash screen cleansing liquid which is formulated by applying nano technology from natural extractions is of the following extraordinary particulars in comparison with other similar products:
1- Non- Poisonous
Mehrtash screen cleansing liquid, the product you possess, is not acidic or alkaline contrary to the similar products with are acidic or alkaline and cause damage to the surfaces as times passes by. This product not only does not cause any damage, but in case your hands get dirty there no need to wash them
2- Protecting the Environment
Due to the fact that in making Mehrtash screen cleansing liquid product there was no alcohol involved, the surface cleansed by this product shall remain protected from damager made by alcohol and also the environment shall be protected too
3- Using Completely Natural and Domestic Raw Material
Mehrtash screen cleansing liquid was formulated by herbal and natural extractions and the nano technology method
Characteristics of Mehrtash Screen Cleansing Liquid
1- Due to applying nano technology, this product if of anti- static properties and therefore dust shall be attracted to the LCD surface way later than surfaces cleansed by other similar products
2- Because there is no alcohol in the formulation of this product there is no damaging effect on the surface and it will dry even faster than products which contain alcohol
3- This product was provided from biologic substances and is in complete harmony with the environment
4- In case of this product touching the hand or face, contrary to other similar products, there is no need to wash them
Manner of Use:
The best manner of use is to spray by keeping a distance of 20 cm from the target surface and then clean the surface with a special soft cloth that comes with the cleanser. Please do not use other cloths to avoid scratching sensitive surfaces
The general benefits of Mehrtash biologic nano cleansers
1- Non- poisonous
2- Using water as solvent
3- Neutral PH
4- Using tribal technology
5- Using domestic raw material
6- Low price
7- Having a high export potential to the farthest places in ht world
8- Not damaging the ozone layer due to not using aerosols
9- Introducing Iran as a science- based country in the world
10- Not damaging the air, water or soil environment
11- Not requiring protection equipment when using
The general problems if the existing cleansers in the market:
1- Highly poisonous
2- High contamination of water, air and soil environment
3- Highly damageable to the ozone layer and risking the danger of global warming and the damaging consequences
4- High price
5- Highly dependent on importing raw material and machinery
6- High currency
7- High expenses of treating diseases and damages due to using some cleansers
8- Requiring the use of some protecting equipment when using many of the cleansers
9- Using organic solvents which in addition to environmental problems which the evaporations leads to, the imports also have high currency